What is Fellowship?

Offered by Myplanet, Fellowship represents a unique approach to industry learning. Fellows work as part of a team with other bright students in the realm of software development as they're guided through the lifecycle of digital product development.

What's a Fellow?

Fellows are ambitious students who are looking to gain hands-on work experience while they complete their degrees. They're introduced to many of the processes used at Myplanet and will use this model to build a viable digital product to add to their portfolios.

Pillars of Fellowship

Team Development

Fellows will work as members of a self-sufficient scrum team to foster agile thinking, creativity and collaboration. Teams consist of student developers with guidance from seasoned professionals.

Self-Directed Learning

Fellows choose a problem they wish to tackle and decide what to build to deliver the best possible solution. They select their own tools and we provide lessons as necessary.

Simulated Learning

By simulating Myplanet's internal structure, Fellows gain a thorough understanding of how we work. They learn how to apply the same processes that we use daily.

10-day Toronto Intensive

Following the expansion of our Fellowship program in past years to Vancouver and Ottawa, this year we're offering a 10-day tech-focused intensive program in Toronto in August 2017.

The intensive will provide the same learning experience as our traditional Fellowships, but in a shorter period of time. Fellows involved in an intensive program will attend class every week day for 10 consecutive days, from 10AM-4PM.

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